Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jumble of January

After our nice vacation back east with family, we jumped right back into a full schedule at home.

The Sunflower Tournament took place the second weekend in January. We watched games, sat at the admission table, and observed our son being awarded his first basketball medal (as his team placed 1st)! Most of the rest of the season's games are way away...1, 2, and 3 hours from home. We are finally catching on to the pack lunch/supper plus snacks thing down. And don't eat during the short intermission or you might miss your child's baskets!

We enjoyed some snowy weather and some warm weather within a week of each other!

Riley sat in the tree stand on the last day of deer season (with a borrowed crossbow) and shot a doe right through the heart . We quickly butchered it the next morning as the temperature was so unseasonably warm and we wanted no rotting meat. Since we have plenty of ground venison in the freezer, we made 16 pounds of jerky and the other 26 pounds into stew meat chunks.

We took a field trip with PCHEA to the Historical Museum and the Wildlife & Parks Museum to celebrate Kansas Day.

A new salad recipe was tried (for those pack your lunch moments when lunchmeat is boycotted-by mom, chicken salad is not appreciated-because of its messiness, and pasta salad is abhorred-by everyone; but it is so easy and filling so I keep trying).

Another batch of chicken bone broth was slow-cooked for more January soups.

Other significant remembrances:

We started watching Chuck Missler's series, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, on Sunday mornings with a small group.

Hubby spent the day with a friend coming and going to Nebraska to check out farm machinery.

We enjoyed a card game night with cousins, chili soup at friends, and a Pizza Hut treat with more friends.

That is January in a Jumble!

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