Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New House Siding

This was our house.

After our 4 month road trip we came home to this remodel project behind an overgrown weedy lawn. (As in it had not been mowed all spring until our arrival in June.)

We finished the interior main room before moving in near the end of a very hot summer. There are a few pictures here and here and here to see the progress.

We planted a north and south tree wind break
We finished digging out the partially dug pond (that is unfortunately still dry).

Then we got ready to side the outside of our house.
We switched out old windows for new.
We enclosed a small triangular dead-space.
We house-wrapped it and painted the foundation.
We installed recessed lighting under the front porch and back patio.

Then the siding began to go on!

And facia and soffit!

(My hubby is especially fond of his lighting expertise over the patio.)

 We painted the front door.

This is our house.


  1. I like how your sidings worked well and created the feel of your house as being taller and more spacious. You’ve done well in installing it too, as they were evenly spread out and relatively well-defined. It created that smooth construction finish. And I think you have a very cozy home, and the colors brown-white combination is great. Thanks for sharing!

    Fred Richardson @ SGKHomeSolutions