Saturday, May 10, 2014

Another Virginia Cousin Visit

Even though our family hasn't made it back east to visit relation in almost a year and a half, our children have had opportunities to be in Virginia with grandparents and cousins. Some of them even came out to Kansas too! 

Kate is closer to Riley's age, but her and Annie had a great 2 days together while she caught a ride here for the weekend. They fixed a mystery lunch for us on Saturday. We chose several items from the menu for 3 different courses. They cooked, baked, and served all the food.

hors d'oeuvres and the menu
 Cora's first course was tea, pumpkin dessert, and silverware.

My first course was dessert, spaghetti, water, napkin, and knife. That was awkward to eat!

I enjoyed the meal so much I forgot to take more pictures! They had fixed chicken quesadillas, broccoli casserole, cheesy potatoes, sweetened carrots, and mixed fruit as well.

the leftover dishes
Later that day we planted a north and south tree row for a (eventually) wind break. Around 18 poplars and that many Thuja Arborvitae - with water drip systems, of course. This is Kansas!

Sunday was spent at an all day church event. I didn't get many pictures of Ms. Kate's stay, but Annie treasures the memories dearly. Cousin times are so precious!

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