Saturday, May 10, 2014

Final Art Projects of school year 2013-2014

Our season of oil pastels has come to an end. And we still have some nubby pieces left for future creative expression if anyone desires!

This project was a combination of art and writing. After the children colored in their black bordered wavy lines, they filled in descriptions of "I am". I enjoyed reading their finished products, self-definitions and all!

When cousin Ginny was here for a week, we made our first pom poms. I think she had already made some to attach to knitted baby hats, but this project was for a braided bookmark that is glued to a journal or other book of choice (similar to the ribbons that are found in Bibles as bookmarks).

Everything is more fun to do when you have a friend!

The last paper of the year....

Pastel flowers with a watercolor sunset and sprinkles on top! Well, dribbles of paint sprinkles anyway.

Riley flicking his paint sprinkles.

Now for unscheduled art...

Since the girls learned about rubber band bracelets, they have been fishtailing anything similar. In this case, loom bands for weaving hotpads! They were too big for fingers so... enter toes!

Miss Caroline wanted to make a living centerpiece for the table and thought the tiny Hello Kitty figures were sooo cute hidden in the jungle. She actually replaced the water and sand several times as it became stagnant and odorous.

And then she had to make some daisy dandelion chains for herself and Mama.

That's the end of our official school art for this year. We're studying biology and animals next year, so we will probably do some animal sketching from some drawing books I have already.

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