Saturday, May 24, 2014

Science Fair

Our science curriculum this year included reading through a science fair project book. I initially thought we would take class time and do several of the experiments together, but the students weren't real enthused about any of them. Instead we covered the material with the vision of choosing one project per child to do on their own after the book was completed. And to make it a fun time we sent an invitation out to other area homeschoolers to join us.

Caroline made a simple AM radio (which actually became rather complicated).

Annie chose natural food dyes.

Riley made a magnetic spring.
Unfortunately as he was setting up his display, several of the magnets shattered.

One other family joined us for the evening. I forgot to snap a picture of their 9 year old's great soil food web chain project. He had a neat display with a jar of soil layers and a nematode under a mini microscope. 

Because we hosted the Science Fair in our garage, Shannon got busy putting insulation and OSB up on the unfinished walls.

We also tore off some filthy dusty tar paper to reveal fresh OSB beneath. It is so nice to give the ceiling, walls, and floor a good sweep and washing, knocking down barn swallow nests, spider webs, mud dauber remnants, cat hair (and smells)! Especially nice is having a multi-purpose room available for group gatherings or kid's play!

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