Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kitchen and Dining Area Remodel

Shannon & Riley put in ceiling insulation in the kitchen where the leaky skylight had been. They also put in recessed lighting. Here is Annie doing dishes before the ceiling drywall is on.

Then Shannon moved the sink/dishwasher counter to fix the plumbing underneath and the floor. We ended up scooting the counter in toward the the other cabinets, but not too far in to hinder the fridge door opening & blocking traffic.

After re-positioning the counter, Shannon built a wall to put a bar top on.

We thought the walls were all ready to mud, then we had structural issues, so did a switcheroo on windows.

This window moved to the opposite wall beside the front door.

And left a gaping hole in the wall out to the half-rotten deck.

Very quickly we had to find something to close up the wall, and got what was available...sliding french door.

Next the old, matted, animal trodden carpet needed to come up. Everyone helped pull, rip, scrape, & peel.

Almost everyone got a chance at filling nail holes too!

Then the sub floor was screwed in place to make a nice smooth underneath layer for fresh flooring. That was the men's job.

3 kind helpers came and primed everything in one afternoon.

Uncle Charles rolling the wall that will be behind the refrigerator

some of us snoozed

All white & bright
Next comes the color!

Shannon liked the "bowl of berries" enough to paint the bar front too.

such rinsing & rinsing; 4 colors in one open room

dining room "summer" meeting kitchen

After the paint dried, the bar top came in. Shannon welded brackets to support this lengthy contraption.

Now I can unpack kitchen boxes into the cupboards!(After wiping down with Murphy's Oil Soap and toothpicking fur out of the corner crevices.)

some people can relax anywhere!

Now for the floating floor...

Shelving under the bar...

box 1st

then shelves and trim and doors.

Caroline staining what used to be a raw side next to the fridge

Placing our wedding gift dining room table

That's all for now...sure feels good to sleep in a house after 6 months in the motor home!

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