Saturday, September 21, 2013

Yoder Heritage Days

The fourth weekend in August, a local Amish community, Yoder, hosts a heritage days festival. We went the first year we lived in Kansas, in 2003. Riley was a toddler, Annie was an infant, and it was Hot! The town has improved the day's events quite a bit in 10 years, and now there is a newly opened bent & dent/ bulk food shop!

We arrived just as the parade started. It amuses us to see "plain people" galavanting in the parade line-up. They have a lot of fun and the children enjoy the candy flying!

front row seats

back row standing

sucking out the tootsie roll

Shannon & Riley watched the Antique Tractor Pull while the gals observed the Kiddie Tractor Pull. We watched 2 of our friends pedal hard. Tucker even placed 2nd in his age group!

The highlight of the day (besides the parade) were the horse events. There were races, obstacle courses, and even horse basketball!  Hutchinson prison has a wild mustang taming program, so it was half inmates, half Amish competing. 

Peters boys and Bowman girls

Nelson Yoder rounding the barrel

The evening brought live entertainment on the center stage. Here is the nighttime crowd seated on Main Street.

We passed through the singing area from the pony bleachers, toward our van as we had supper waiting in the crockpot at home. Abe & Amber and Jake & Kayla stopped on their way home and we all enjoyed burritos and watermelon and fellowship!

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