Sunday, September 29, 2013

Ice Cream Supper

Labor Day weekend. Lemon Park. Softball. Freezers of homemade ice cream.

Our first ice cream supper (when we moved here 10 years ago) was at a different location, but is ever impressed in our memories for the multitude of ice cream (and flavors)! I remember growing up (in Ohio) and enjoying maybe 3 varieties at an uncle's home, always with salty pretzels to dunk in the cold sweetness. But here in Kansas, on a holiday weekend, you can find enough cream to overfill your tummy, plus sandwiches, snacks, and cookies besides!

freezing  ice cream on the porch before driving to the park

Riley at bat


young friends: Carly & Cora

line-up of freezers

Coffee, raspberry, salty caramel, Grapenut, Snickers, peach, Hawaiian, espresso, rocky road, chocolate malt, and more!

A great reason to meet, to share a sweet treat!

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