Sunday, September 1, 2013

Special Meals in Ohio

During our summer visit at my parents, we squeezed in one evening of plans at friends, besides family times. There's something so relaxing and comforting about sitting around the table eating and chatting...serving and being served...savoring the meal and the fellowship.

We had a nice break, from the many facets of work that moving a household brings, just around the corner from Mom & Dad's at Luke & Melanie Todd's. Melanie & Shannon grew up in Virginia, Melanie & I taught school together, and Luke & my brother Ashley were big buds. So we had a fun time catching up on life!

adult dining table (children ate on the patio)

deliciously tender grilled steak and veggies, plus baked macaroni and fruit pie

The next gathering was at Uncle Mike's with their children and grandchildren. It was a rainy day, so the breakfast campfire was nixed for indoor eating.

Saturday breakfast spread on the bar

feeding the babies grapes

Heather, Josie, Megan

line up of cousins (from just 3 sets of parents!)

Justin & Ruth and family came up for the day from southern Ohio, and my brother Kris & boys came to Mom & Dad's for one last gathering around the meal table on Covington -Gettysburg Road. We even used Christmas themed paper plates and napkins, so it was kind of like Christmas in July!

 hungry Hendersons

Joanna dressing up in Great Grandma Great's garb, found in the storage

 games inside
games outside

J & R's littles tuckered out and tucked under

S & H's littles sprawled in the bedroom

Joshua's growing man strawhat mound

Meg's birthday is July 23, my birthday is July 29. We used another meal brought in by Mom's friend for my celebration and another dear brought 2 of my favorites, peanut butter pie & cheesecake.

Heather turns 36, with a daughter of the king tiara
We also enjoyed Sunday dinner and the afternoon at the dairying neighbor's farm with some of their relation. Jesse and Betsy had prepared beef & noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, cabbage slaw, french bread, berry cobbler, chocolate pudding cake, angel food cake, and ice cream. Then the children & moms piled in their buggy for a horse ride home!

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