Saturday, September 7, 2013

Summertime Food

4th of July watermelon...

...Even Meg can chow on that!

Snowcones at the Wray swimming hole for Mogan's 5th birthday!

Beef & Bean Tostadas

Chow Mein Chicken Salad

Sunday night supper

Fruit cups for the freezer

Grilled pizza is especially handy when there is no oven...

...and very tasty too!

Sweet corn on the cob

Straw Hat stack

Banana Peach Breakfast Meusli

2nd batch of fruit cups

Sooo refreshing on hot days!

Or for a snack anytime!

Italian sausage squash skillet

Garden fresh cukes delivered by friends!

Just love these things!

batch 3 or 4?

zucchini / squash stir fry & rice

Just a chopstick for supper makes the veggies go down...
in a most delightful way!

southwest salad
Caroline's lunch treat while Daddy is gone swathing hay

I accidentally thawed cherries instead of applesauce for breakfast,
 so we got breakfast cake topped with cherry yogurt!

Last, but not least...

Every summer should include homemade ice cream!
Thanks for joining us at our various meal tables this summer!

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