Sunday, September 15, 2013

Meg Is Walking!

August 22, Meg started trucking across the floor, onto the carpet, and back again! (Of course she had many practice sessions with the girls coaxing her to take more & more wobbly steps.) She loved being the center of attention, applause, and praise! She wouldn't even slow down for Mama to get pictures. (When she sees the camera on her level, she is coming after it!)

Now Meg can sit too, when food is around. I had her on my lap eating supper and did not notice until -too late!- she had grabbed 1/2 a tomato and juiced it down!

And she is learning to sit and listen to a story as well.

One last wet summer playtime. The Slip-n-Slide was discovered and immediately put to use! Meg got a little chilly before the other 2 were finished.

And that's our sweet Meg!
Growing up!!

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