Monday, February 2, 2015

Charleston, SC Heritage

The week before Christmas we spent a few days at Grandmama's.

Almost all the local family came in Sunday afternoon for desserts. Hurray for seeing aunts, uncles, cousins, and cousin's children that live 1200 miles away. Lots can change in two years time, since our last visit, but some things are always the food and family squeezed around Grandmama's table squeezed in her tiny house. And her southern big breakfast cookin'.

We mostly relax while we're visiting and thoughtful aunts usually bring over activities for the children. City living is quite a change for our country kiddos. We brought along roller blades to make use of all the available pavement, but unfortunately it rained during most of our stay.

One evening after the skies cleared, we ventured downtown (and that is an adventure for way streets, ack!) and walked along the bay from The Battery to Waterfront Park. My parents have framed pictures of some of these special places Dad remembers well from childhood, and it is always sweet to me to be able to share the real life place with my own children -  their papaw's heritage.

We enjoyed more visits and gifts from family.

One morning we drove a few miles to the coast. The girls mostly got soaked, then chilly. It started to sprinkle just as we got de-sanded and situated in the vehicle for the ride back to Grandmama's.

For several hours we chatted about Grandmama's life in the 40's and 50's. What her childhood and young married life was like growing up in a different era, different setting, different circumstances. The oral history interview questions from The Well Trained Mind was completed during several sessions. Remembering can be taxing, especially the hard times, of which she endured many. Of course we learned fun tidbits too, like that she and her older brother won dancing contests at the local dance hall!

Praising God that Grandmama is still spunky in her 80's! 
And that He is the Great Redeemer!

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