Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sweet C is Five

After much disappointment of not being able to edit my pictures any more, I am finally resigned to posting the raw, discolored, uncrisped photos as they turn out...

Cora turned five in December. She chose a daisy cake from The Cut up Cake Party Book that my mom passed on to me from which I remember picking cakes when I was little. Unfortunately the 6 containers of vanilla icing I picked up on sale after Halloween for birthday icing purposes revealed itself in a lovely orange color as we peeled back the silver seal. Hence the orange undertones in the following photos.

For her special supper she wanted to eat meatballs, taco salad, butter beans, and cheese puffs. In the grocery snack aisle she wavered from potato chips to cheesies,  to popcorn, to...before making a final decision!

You will have to tilt your head to view this pic because apparently the rotated pictures revert back to original when they transfer to the blog. Lovely. These are some of the reasons I have put off our family journaling for over a month. Messing with computers and not resolving issues is very frustrating to me. Perhaps the new camera wasn't such a great idea.

 Cora's goodies from grandparents: roller skates, C cap, fuzzy scarf, white tank, balloons, play food in a very fun bag, markers, pad, and tissues.

That is one delighted girl!

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