Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Shane's Birthday

More memory moments at Shane and Cindy's...

the girls' outdoor kitchen

mudpies in the 'oven' (fridge/dehydrator)

hours of imaginative play

Littles laundry assistance

Pasco asparagus for lunch

Riley & Hank rounding up the chickens

fixing a minor issue
Friday, May 17 Shane turned 37! Cindy had several families over for a rib dinner to celebrate.

ribs, mashed potatoes, salad, bread, birthday cookie, & cherry dessert

the (adult) crowd:
Dave & Carla, Steve & Jana , Martin & Rachel, Harvey & Lorna

a big rack
Hank and Riley had slept in various places outside almost every night. This night they opted for the front patio. A little better than the 1st night when they got thoroughly mosquito bit out in the shed and had a cat snuggling with them!

sacked out

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