Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pickling Plant Tour

Friday morning, May 10, our family met Doug & Pam and Steve & Charlene Lynch at Columbia Valley Family Farms pickling plant. We slowly walked through and observed the running operation. Quite different from a one person canning kitchen in a home! 

stacking asparagus piles on the conveyor

washing the veggies

placing a handful in the jars

getting just the right amount in each handful

ready for the hot liquid

pickling brine poured into each jar

watching the lids going on

observing the labeler

Caroline, Lindsay, Brooke, Pam, Riley behind the expiration date machine
(owners Bryan & Kevin in the background)

the beginning of the jar line

a closer look at the automatic spice filler

How fast can you put the packing box together?

Lynch/Bowman homeschoolers in the storage shed

Charlene sent us away with a box full of premium asparagus tops, washed, and cut for a future motor home meal. 
A great impromptu field trip with fun friends!


  1. Hi Heather and family! I just found out about your blog and have read several "back issues" :) I thought maybe I'd get a glimpse of my family on here. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! Are you coming this way when you are done out there?

    1. Hi Melanie! I'm getting closer to posting about our time in Ellensburg. Seems I can't get caught up! We're planning to be back in Pratt in a few weeks. No trip to Ohio as of now. You're welcome to KS anytime! ;)