Friday, May 10, 2013

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Driving north along highway 101, we stopped at the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse in Newport, 2nd oldest standing lighthouse on the Oregon Coast. The living quarters were a part of the lighthouse, but it was only in service for 3 years, from 1871-1873, before another one in a better location was built. We toured the museum inside and saw how a family of 9 would have lived almost 150 years ago. We climbed the spiral stairs to the lighthouse keeper's tiny office/bedroom, but could not go all the way to the top light.

parked below the lighthouse
Yaquina Bay Bridge on the left
We stopped at Devil's Punchbowl to eat lunch. In the winter or a storm is when the waves hit the basalt crevice to make a tremendous spray. In Lincoln City we stopped at the Outlets to get flip flops and look for girl's wedding attire. We turned inland on 18 toward Dallas. Riley stirred up a chip dip for supper and Cora fell asleep on the hour drive over the coastal hills.

We arrived at Louise Garber's near 7pm. We unhooked the van and drove a few miles out of town to have a nice visit with Sherda Garber before she headed to Caldwell, ID in the morning and got a bonus chat with Brett & Mary Eichman.

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