Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bird Auction and Cook Out

Friday, May 3, we mostly stayed around the house at Joe and Denise's. Their love feast had been the weekend before we arrived, they had relatives from VA visiting for 2 weeks, and baby Wade was just 6 weeks old. We continued to prepare food, relax, and rejuvenate. At 3pm Shannon took the school age children to singing class at Gary Miller's. In the evening, the dads & boys went to the neighbor's to fix a well pump. The rest of us walked down to see them and for some fresh air and diversion. Unfortunately, it was quite windy and then the neighbor's chained bulldog bit Caroline's finger. 

lunch in their "house"

the rest of us eating inside

sweet sleeping Wade Mateo

making mini desserts & crafts

Annie was delighted to be given plenty of liberty in Denise's kitchen. She fixed Wheat Biscuits, Cappuccino Bon Bons, a double batch of Blueberry Muffins, Pumpkin Scones, and Fried Oat Cereal during our 5 day stay.

Denise icing the special hombre layer cake

just barely awake

the finishing touch, icing roses

Saturday morning, Shannon and Barry went with Joe to the 5am weekly Men's Meeting. At noon we Bowmans and Joe, Ethan, & Elisa drove to Caldwell Fairgrounds for a biannual bird auction. Over the years our family has frequented many a poultry sale for our avid exotic bird loving son, Riley. This time Joe was looking for some chickens to add to his pen. There was a wide selection of birds. Cora especially liked the big turkeys. Riley examined the row of colorful pheasants, and we all were impressed with the tall emu housed in a big crate pen. 

plenty of dirt, squawks, clucks, & rattles

Joe decided on 2 colorful fluffy headed Polish pullets- White Crested Black and W C Red. Riley helped package them for the ride home.

On our way home, we stopped by Troy & Emily's and Andy & Suzanne's. We chatted a bit with them as our children became acquainted. Troy's were out preparing for an upcoming bike ride, Andy was sawing logs into boards with his portable sawmill. Suzanne showed us the small snake they caught with a whole mouse inside. Ooh, gruesome science.

Annie delighting in being helpful

here he is, fully awake

the lovely finished product

Saturday night Cook Out. Elisa's Chatterbox speech teacher, Karen & her family came for supper. Denise wanted to make this cake awhile back, but precious Mr. Wade arrived early, so tonight became the time to enjoy!

hurray for beautiful days, delicious food, good friends, sharing life

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