Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yosemite National Park

Four families met at Garrett & Gina's at 7:45am Sunday April 14. Jenny drove our van (so I could take care of Meg) and Shannon rode with Jason. A couple hours later we entered Yosemite; passing through 3 tunnels past fast rushing waterfalls. At the west end of Yosemite Valley we stopped at a pull-off to have devotions by the Merced River. 

Half Dome -front and center-

all the little people
I Chron 29 The Majesty of God
I Cor 15 The Gospel

Bridalveil Fall was our next stop. The park was so crowded it was tricky finding parking spots for all 4 vehicles. Traveling together is fun, but takes more time and patience! The falls trail was wet and the overlook was so misty you could hardly see it up close = a LOT of water!. The creek below the falls was beautiful with such fast moving water crashing up and over small boulders and rocks. And the fantastic sound. Ah, the noise of rushing water!

Bridalveil Fall

Annie & Claire beside the creek
We had each packed our family's lunches and ate at Cathedral Beach. The picnic area was right across the river from El Capitan...massive rock face. There was lots of rock skipping happening with our group!


impressive El Capitan
another children pic
just for fun
friends :)
Next on the agenda, Yosemite Falls. We spent most of our time here, watching tame deer, sliding down a steep rock, walking the trail, taking family pictures, etc. Very relaxing. Very awesome.

upper Yosemite Falls

God's created playground
such a steep climb up the backside of the slide
Cora made it!

Yosemite Falls
Aaron & Mary Brunk
Jason & Jenny Brubaker
Shannon & Heather Bowman
Garrett & Gina Bowman
the only snapshot with the falls in it! (upper right)

Carson and Riley hangin' in a tree
watching the tightrope walker teeter across the falls on a cable
We next meandered through the grounds of The Ahwahnee. Jenny and I were peering inside one of the cottages through the window and realized people were inside. Oh my, embarrassing! Inside the lodge they were serving tea & cookies while a gentleman played piano music. The formal dining room's round tables were set with goblets and arranged cloth napkins. Chandeliers dangling from high ceilings everywhere! $45 for brunch or $16 for a sandwich. Peanut butter & jelly was just $6.75.

looking over the sitting area, listening to the melody
outside the dining room
One last stop before heading out of the get Jr Ranger badges. Annie, Claire, and Caroline, accompanied by Jason and Shannon ran to the Valley Visitor Center and accomplished just that! With 1 minute to spare before closing. In the parking lot we chatted with 2 German motorcyclists who are touring the U.S. 

On the way home, we ate at a small Mexican restaurant in Groveland. Our gang filled 3 of the 8 tables! Shannon and I shared chicken Sabina Blanca, which was super tasty!

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