Friday, May 3, 2013

Fish Annie

On Monday I went to Annette Bowman's to help her bake.She had told me when I was helping Gina that I could come and help her. I made a few dozen Egg Puffs and a Coffee Cake with glaze and crumbs on top, (I think) for a lady who was having surgery and for a mother who just had a baby. While I was making those, she made Gold Rush Casserole for someone also. We were going to make a card but we didn't have enough time so we planned on doing it tomorrow. It was really fun helping Annette. I like to help other people and be in the kitchen baking or cooking up something. 

Daddy went out to lunch with Ben Miller, near his work.

That night Garrett's Grandma, Annie Bowman, came for a yummy dinner of  Striped Bass Fish that Riley had caught in the Delta. I didn't know there was an Annie Bowman in California.

fish baked in foil with onion, pepper, tomato, mushrooms, and cheese
Cora quite pleased with her tiny goblet
dinner hosts, Garrett & Gina

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