Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Fishing Friday

Garrett took Shannon, Riley, and Caleb Brubaker to The Delta fishing for Striped Bass. They trolled back & forth along the banks. Caleb and Shannon kept getting their lines tangled together while Riley was catching fish! And Garrett drove the boat. They kept 3 and threw back two.

While the men were gone, Tami and her children came over for for a quick lunch and to check out our motor home. (no pics -shannon had the camera!) Annie did some errands with Gina, then baked chocolate chip and vanilla walnut cookies for her.

afternoon Gator ride through Garrett's almond orchard
Friday night we were invited to Scot and Deborah Boone's for supper. She served a delicious meal of lasagna, corn, and garlic bread. Dean & Amy Crawmer brought an equally yummy salad to go with it! The children really enjoyed the trampoline while the men inspected Scot's new personally rigged video surveillance security system. :) They have a lovely private yard, outdoor brick fireplace, and penned chickens. You would never guess we were on a corner of 2 streets in the middle of a 200,000 populace town!

Kara serving real lemon dessert (with strawberry garnish)
We are loving these beautiful lush lawns that are an extension of the home! Not sure if any of it can be duplicated in dry, windy Kansas, but sure are having fun dreaming!

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