Monday, April 29, 2013

A Day In The Mountains

Wednesday we drove up 118 past Sonora, CA to the little town of Sugar Pine to spend the day with Eric and Lori Leensvaart. From their home, nestled in the mountain, we hiked out the dirt road into a national forest for a nice view. They had prepared a nourishing lunch of white chili soup, bread & jam, vegetables, fresh fruit, and chocolate chip cookie bars that we chowed when we got back from our walk. 

trying out Lori's ergo carrier
Jace & Riley building a fort
Meg and Meg
Eric dropped Shannon off at Covers Apple Ranch to see an old-time friend, Aaron Bowman at work. The rest of our family came down to meet up a couple of hours later. Aaron gave us a ride on the ranch's train and a sample of cider.

engineer Aaron
the little railroad went through 2 tunnels 
For supper we went to Aunt Shirley & Robert Millers. We enjoyed the backyard waterfall fish pond and the tiny wiggly stray dog someone had dropped off recently. She served salad, pizza, and applesauce. After eating we looked at their many pictures in albums and giggled at Robert's Donald Duck impersonation.

in front of the house
feeding the fish

standing between the kitchen and dining table
Another full day; friendships, family, food, fellowship, feeling God's abundant love!


  1. It is so fun to see all your pictures! We don't know all the people, but lots of fun to see where you are and all the fun you are having! Looks like a lovely time for all! And my children(Dane) says thank you for the pictures of the animals at Frantz' on the other post. Wow! Dane was amazed that someone could have "pet" zebras! :) Guess what he wants now?! :) Love to you all, Lana

    1. Oops, sorry about the new pet idea. :/ Glad you can somewhat enjoy the trip with us. It's neat to see how God fills each of our days. We're continually reminded of His provision and awesomeness! Give Kade an extra snuggle from us. :)