Saturday, April 6, 2013

Last Day in Yuma

We showered, dumped, filled up with water, and left Senators Wash. Entered Yuma Proving Ground Base to see the Heritage Center Museum where supposedly they had a Holocaust exhibit. The director was sick, so it was closed, but we did investigate the massive piece of machinery on display outside.... Land Train.

a little perspective on size

Passed by the itty bitty church again, then stopped at From the Farm, which was open today!

another perspective on size 
Loving these fresh dollar deals!

We settled in at a new BLM camping spot, behind a VFW. There was an elaborate paintball course back in the woods. What a huge fun mess! Layers & layers of scum build-up on barrels, couches, plywood, pallets, straw bales, carpet. Riley enjoyed blasting the little unused balls against tree trunks. The girls liked collecting and sorting the pretty bright colors!

Concluded the day with a delicious meal at Gerald & Linda's (plus showers, laundry, clothes, coloring books, and fixin's for s'mores). They were winding down their winter in Yuma, getting ready to summer in Oregon. Very helpful with tips, advice, and services.

Exceeding abundantly blessed.

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  1. That is a BIG tractor! Isaac and Cooper liked it! They say, Hi to cousin Cora! :)..are we going to Cora's house they ask whenever we go somewhere! I say, no they aren't home. Xo Mom and Mamaw