Friday, April 19, 2013

Resurrection Day

While driving through town to find our spot for the night, we passed Sunrise Church. We thought a sunrise service at Sunrise Church would be clever, so that is where we went, all dressed up for Easter Sunday. At 6:30am. And the service was even outside! 

sunrise at high desert
They served breakfast burritos, water, & coffee inside the fellowship hall afterwards. The people cleared out fairly quickly, so we went back to the motor home to warm up and wait for the 9am service.After a server brought us a sackful of more burritos for the road! Blessed again! Our children enjoyed watching a family direct cars as they came in, anticipating a big crowd.

9 o'clock inside service 
Pastor Art Lucero's sermon covered 5 Evidences of Christ's Resurrection. 
John 20:16-20    Acts 2:24    1Cor 15:21-26    John 10:10    1John 5:11-13    1Peter 3:18
He also showed a clip from The Jay Leno Show where Jay asked random people "What is Easter?" and "What happened on the first Easter?" One woman answered, "When Jesus was born." A teenager said the ten commandments were written on God's tombstone and another man said Pinnochio was swallowed by a whale. The saxophone in the music worship was a fun twist for us. Always something new to experience!

gas prices rising (Four Corners, CA)
We moved along north on 395, then east on 58 toward Bakersfield. The program director at our field trip to Farm Desert Development had recommended a CA Borax tour. We had forgotten about it until we passed the sign near Boron for the Twenty Mule Team Museum. Unfortunately the mine wasn't open for tours today, but we spent an hour or so in the little museum. There was a video running that had a present day demonstration on how a 20 mule team would steer and navigate.

We made a quick stop at a rest area looking for a RV dump. Shannon got out to walk around for a double check because he had not seen it. Some of the children slowly trickled outside after him. He hopped back in and not wanting to waste more time, motored on. A few minutes later Riley noticed that Caroline was not in the rv bathroom afterall. Come to find out she had went into the rest area bathroom while everyone else got back in the motor home. A nice family spotted her walking (to a hiding place) and stayed with her until we got back. What a long 10 minutes of waiting for the next exit turn around, pushing the rig as fast as we could, not knowing what we would find when we returned! A thankful, grateful, humbling family reunion! And a game plan to avoid future mishaps (thanks to the kind highway patrol officer's advice).

wind farms & solar are frequent sights
As we exited The Mojave Desert area and entered The San Joaquin Valley we saw more and more green...irrigated orchards mostly. Ended our big day of driving just before dark at friends near Sanger.

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