Monday, April 15, 2013

Salton Sea

We followed highway 111 north (past another border patrol), then turned off toward the old Niland boat ramp by the Salton Sea. This used to be a resort area long ago when the sea was fresh. Now it is still pretty, but is so saline, the fish die, and it is odorous. Instead of a sandy beach, it is finely crushed fish bones. We still enjoyed the lovely sky and water, many loud birds, waves lapping, driftwood digging, and colorful sunset. Spent an evening, overnight, and school morning camped here... anywhere!'s wide open and available.

stagnant pool in the old ramp area

morning walk

a bit stinky, but no worse than a deep sea fishing filet area

strange, crunchy beach

Meg likes it!
Cora decked in thrift/flea market pretties.

Us girls think this is a fine stop (even wading in it), but Riley and Daddy were a little grossed out by the foaming water & fish carcasses. Maybe not ideal, but certainly a fun excursion!

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