Sunday, April 28, 2013

Muchas Monday

Annie went to BHS, the private church school, with the Bowman children this morning. Here is an excerpt from Annie's journal for Monday April 8th.

I went to school with Alex & Andrew along with Tilly. Everyone was wondering who I was and Alex & Andrew plainly told them! I got all my school work done and got 1 word search & picture done! :) I also did a math drill with the class. I had lunch with Marcy, a girl who befriended me! It was the 1st I had been to a school and ate a packed lunch with them!

Riley, Caroline, Meg, & I stopped in at Tami's in the morning to do a little homeschool together. She fried French donuts with powdered sugar for a snack. Here's Riley and Colson delighting in their sweet crispiness on their front porch...

Next on the agenda, lunch plans at Shawn & Tara's on his day off. We had a great lunch -more fresh strawberries- and a great visit all afternoon in a great home! The men moved on outside to do a little shop wiring to hook up the electric out there and the younger girls played outdoors too.

Shawn & Tara in their kitchen before lunch

Then to Travis and Laurie's for the evening. (A full day for us!) Laurie was a wonderful hostess as well.

the dinner line-up

children's table
They have a nice backyard play area where the children were all playing, waiting on dessert. Somehow the grapefruit tree got raided and Cora got caught in the grapefruit fight! Quite traumatic, but rather funny at the same time!

one unhappy camper, thanks to big brother

assembling gingerbread with warm sauce & ice cream

Travis serving French-pressed Starbucks
Travis showed Riley some creative clips he'd done with his radio controlled airplane. Laurie showed us gals "The Finn & Sully Show" Travis had put together of her sister's preemie twins who are now at least 4. Sweet memories.

Tara, Mom Jan, Heather (Meg), Laurie
We're blessed to be served by friends! And so neat to see our teenage cronies all grown up with families & homes of their own!

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