Sunday, April 28, 2013

Modesto Mix

Since we are camped out in Garrett & Gina's back almond orchard, we're living life with them! Which includes private school immersion. :) Today Gina was in charge of 'hot lunch', picking up 20-some pizzas at Winco. Oops! They had the wrong order date, so Gina, Caroline, Cora, & I watched them make & bake them lickety split.

What a cart load!
Gina had arranged for her family to come to lunch too, so Shannon could see his cousin, and I could see young folk friends. The first time (out of 5) that I went to CA church camp I stayed with these sweet Rumble folks.

It was also Gina's turn to for 5th & 6th grade PE. Garrett & Shannon took care of that while we watched.

Riley (left) and the dads (right)

We then drove through Modesto to friends near Waterford, that have a fantastic game room of exotic mounted animals. The Africa room has several full body mounts... giraffe, rhinoceros, lions, & monkeys plus many shoulder mounts. There are 3 rooms with animals from hunts in South America, Australia, Africa, and Alaska. 

Michael kindly took us on a quick overview drive of Frantz Nursery which has grown tremendously from 16 years ago when I used to houseclean there. The children weren't overly excited about a plant tour, but they sure enjoyed listening to Michael!

a hippo's feet make nice coffee table legs

Riley getting 1 on 1 hunting info

a deluxe 'Swiss Family Robinson' treehouse with swinging bridge 

the real zebras fenced in at Frantz's
We wrapped up the day at Doug & Pam's, enjoying a meal and visit with her parents too. This night ended too soon, but we were super glad we got to be with Boone cousins and Shannon's '95 almond harvest crew-leader.

delish strawberry shortcake

Doug, Pam, & sweet family
More new friends for our children and more great memories for us!

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