Friday, April 26, 2013

Ben & Tami's

Saturday afternoon Shannon dropped me and the girls off at Mary Brunk's while he rode in the shredder with Aaron, cutting up pruned walnut orchard branches. Riley was at baseball practice with Alex and Andrew. That evening we enjoyed more catch-up with old time friends at Ben and Tami Miller's. 

burgers, beans, and fresh fruit & veggies...
someone's snitching while the moms are occupied!

our girls, plus Cali on the right
missing a couple more...

the silly big boys

The children ate outside while we adults chatted around the kitchen table. Tami stirred up some apricot cobbler for dessert to go with cookies Jody brought.

warm gooey cobbler (and Shannon's coffee)
The girls performed a short drama titled "The Little Lost Ladybug" complete with programs and tickets. Then the boys -not to be outdone- displayed amazing acrobatic feats on the back lawn! (Twice. Because one mom missed the show.)

What a group of personality! Such lively zest for life, this bunch! It will be fun to see how they've used their talents in 10 more years from now!

group snapshot of the kiddos

Laurie, Jody, Heather, Tami
Sweet reunion! Sweet people!

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