Monday, April 1, 2013


Friday March 22 was another routine school morning (with a bonus of a super neat recess area, of course). We invited our neighbor, Tom, over for lunch. Enjoyed that short visit and the chips ahoys he brought. Shannon had been back & forth with him several different times, but I was usually feeding Meg, fixing food, or some other quiet activity, as generally all the children went tagging along with Daddy. 
lunch of bean dip, garlic breadsticks, & fruit

After lunch clean-up we headed into Yuma again. This time to use the Cracker Barrel gift cards that were given to us by family & neighbors. First we stopped at a Salvation Army thrift store where we found a few things. At the restaurant, some friends from our conference in Austin came by to chat a bit.

popsicle smiles at the Lavy's 
Then we drove across town to The Foothills to pick up our mail that had been sent to Gerald & Linda Lavy's. Annie had been so anxious to get it...and had 6 letters waiting! We had a great evening of fellowship there as well. When we went to bed close to 11pm, we felt socially filled, and especially blessed!

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