Friday, March 29, 2013

Mittry Lake

We spent a couple days settling into more of a routine, while relaxing and exploring our nearby area. Riley prepared shoefly coffeecake for us Wednesday morning. He is usually the first one up and ready to eat so he looked at the recipe I had picked and did a fine job!

"School days, school days, dear old golden rule days"...
Coloring Arizona's industries, crops, cities, monuments, state bird & flower. Finding area, population, and statehood. We've been doing this for each state we travel through and attaching them to the student journals.
our yummy citrus gleaning

Meg's 1st tooth popped through at almost 8 months! Caroline has lots of fun toting her around, dressing her up, and treating her like a live baby doll.

a fashion result of being in Caroline's keeping
Around the bend from our campsite was the main boat ramp. We ended up swimming here a couple of times since it was a nice gradual slope into the water. It was interesting watching the boats & jet skis loading up and out. Another learning experience for the kiddos!

Ohhhh Cora! 

warm biscuits with chowder for supper
Our camp neighbor offered rides on his little fishing boat. You can read more of our lazy days details from Shannon's perspective here.

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  1. What great adventures you are having and fun memories you are making! Your children are learning more than any textbook could offer, I think. :) Hands-on learning at its best.

    Your citrus looks yummy and is so pretty. Meg wears Caroline's fashion design well!

    Wishing you continued safe travels and a blessed Easter weekend!