Friday, March 1, 2013

Pecan Picking

Monday, Feb 25 brought 45 mph winds to San Antonio, TX. Not the best 'driving a big rig' we spent the day in the Bass Pro parking lot (and of course, in the store).
pulled off I-10 to eat lunch; pretty barren

Tuesday we pulled out heading west on I-10. Mostly spent the day driving. We did make a stop in Ozona, TX for gas where there was a Crockett County Museum. We went in the back door by mistake and had peeked in the rooms on the main floor before realizing there was a small fee. However it was closing in 15 minutes, so we opted to go across the street to a nice memorial park. Caroline found all sorts of nuts and began collecting them off the ground. Once we all cracked and tasted some, it was a grand pecan picking!
The Tie That Binds statue remembering early Texas pioneers

Our travel rig in front of the County Courthouse

One of Annie's collections

The Davy Crockett Memorial

Pecans are the Texas state tree. We gathered 10 pounds in about 30 minutes. That should be about 3 pounds of shelled pecans. We're looking forward to snacks and granola!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing! We are all having fun following you (and wishing we were along)!

    Here is a great recipe for spiced pecans:

    1 c. sugar
    2 t. cinnamon
    1/4 t. salt
    6 T. milk

    Cook over stove, bringing to soft ball stage (236 degrees). Stir in 1 lb. of toasted pecans. Spread out on wax paper, separating with forks. Let cool. Tastes just like the ones you probably smelled in Bass Pro!

    Looks like you are having fun! May God bless your travels and awesome family time! Love, Dana Landwehr

    1. Thanks for the recipe Dana! It sounds delicious! We are having fun and learning to live in close quarters, but with God's great outdoors as our patio. :)

  2. Love following along with you! Keep up the great work & photos! Thought you'd appreciate this, Where I get pecans, the cheapest was $7.33 lb & then for the Organic pecans, it was $11.69 lb...sooo you saved $21.98 to $35.07!!! Looking forward to seeing you!

    1. Thanks Cindy!I am always excited about a great food find! ;)A healthy one at that! I'm not sure if they would've sprayed these trees...if not that makes the value super-great!