Monday, March 4, 2013

Big Bend National Park, Day 1

We spent the night in Fort Stockton-Walmart parking lot. There were about 4 campers parked when we pulled in. In the morning there were that many more! I-385 runs south out of Fort Stockton straight to Big Bend. There's a lot of desert openness on that 2 hour stretch!
A rest area pull off on 385
A government experiment of camel caravans crossed this area of desert. 
Camels can carry much more than donkeys and go 6 days without water!
Around 20 miles before the park entrance was a U.S. Border Patrol Station, just for those traveling northbound. We cruised slowly past and soon entered the park by purchasing an annual pass. The only campground accommodating to us (because of curves and grades) was the Rio Grande Village. We settled in at a nice spot, then anxious to see into Mexico, we struck out onto the Rio Grande Nature Trail. 
river wetland at the beginning of the trail

Skipping rocks in the Rio Grande.It's very low now; very dry.
Sunset with Mexico on the other side! There was a 'national'  and his white horse
relaxing on the other bank watching as we explored.

Sun illuminating the Sierra del Carmen
In just a few minutes the sun's rays had lowered

First we walked down to the river, then up to an overlook. After that, back to the motorhome for supper of refried beans topped with avocado & tomato on corn tostadas. Finally, bedtime!
Opposite view:The sun sank below this range.


  1. Oh it looks like such delightfully fun family times and adventures you are having! So glad you get this opportunity! Thank you for taking the time to keep us updated on your journey-it's been helping keep me entertained while I "not so patiently" wait on this baby! :) God go with you and God bless you! Love to you, Lana

  2. One of our favorite pictures are the "two who are one" with the sunset behind them and a blessing on Pappy's back! That picture will be a "lifetime" for your children's children!
    Phelps Family

    1. Thanks Diane! It's fun to look back on the pictures to help us remember because we are meeting new adventures almost everyday!