Wednesday, March 20, 2013

City of Rocks State Park

We overnighted at a nice, quiet rest area. Riley & Annie found a spot to tie a badminton line/net. 

After some quick schoolwork, we drove about 10 miles to another state park, City of Rocks

filling out yet another camp permit
a nice hands-on table in the visitor's center
The children set out exploring right away. This was a phenomenal natural playground, great for the imagination!

some relaxed while others exerted
In the evening we all ventured up a 2 mile trail to an observation point. 

A couple children who were staying all week
with their grandparents during spring break joined us.
the lookout view over
City of Rocks plopped in NM desert
our new friends
Then the children showed us the areas they had played in all day.
so many crevices to climb in

hideouts or clubhouses
Riley scaling the rock, not to be outdone by Daddy
Success! Riley reached his goal!
this picnic table was behind our motor home (in previous pic)
Annie fixed BLTs for supper
 This place rated super high on our children's trip highlight list. They would've stayed longer!

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  1. Looks wonderful.. the view, the playground, the people, the food,the friends.. everything! :)