Thursday, March 21, 2013

Road Scenes

We started our day in Silver City, NM. As we were leaving town, we saw a car wash high enough for the motor home next door to a laundromat. So we got everything cleaned up before motoring southwest through Lordsburg and on into... Arizona!

Just before crossing the AZ state line there was a stretch on I-10 that had multiple signs warning of dust storms. Then we saw this vast sandy area alongside the interstate. Thankfully it wasn't windy!

Lunch at San Simon rest area
Caroline did not want to share her water!
 Back on the road awhile until something went wrong! Fuel pump, maybe? Shannon did some tinkering then went to the nearby town to get testing and parts. We ended up on the side of interstate for around 3 hours. Very warm, but a slight breeze helped. While Shannon was gone I orally read some chapters in A Song for Your Honor, our current family read aloud.

After that afternoon rest, the RV engine started right up and took us to Willcox, AZ where Shannon checked things a little further and we spent the night.

Saturday morning we got back on the road toward Tucson...Camper's World and Saguaro National Park.

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