Thursday, March 28, 2013

Arriving at Yuma, AZ

Upon exiting interstate, slightly east of Yuma,AZ, we encountered a well advertised produce stand on the side of the road. It had lots to offer, but we selected a box of tangelos, 15lb bag of grapefruit, red cabbage, cauliflower, and red leaf lettuce...most grown locally. In this valley there are beautifully colored irrigated fields of green, red, and purple, plus citrus orchards. So excited to finally see a reasonably priced farm stand! A friendly worker there directed us on a quicker route to Mittry Lake, north of town, our free camping destination.

one of the many large lettuce fields

At Mittry there were quite a few camping spots right by the water. A graveled area up higher had nice views of the lake, but a fast running canal ran by the spots up there and we chose the safer swimming option below.

the view of Mittry Lake from our doorstep
-evening sun-

palms on the fishing jetty beside our campsite
-morning sun-
We settled into our spot and enjoyed a hearty meal that Riley requested. A Henderson southern favorite: beans, rice, and fried cornbread, topped with onions and plenty of bean liquor. (These limas actually boiled out most of their liquid. We're having trouble adjusting to the propane stove/oven. The burners go out if turned to low, so it's medium or high or relighting frustrations.)

Shannon dishing it up!

Riley was anxious to get a fire going and Caroline was delighted to help scavenge burnables. In Texas and New Mexico there were no wood fires allowed. It seemed funny to be at campgrounds without campfires, but it kept clothes and bodies a lot cleaner! So finally we got a roaring fire (before it had barely cooled off for the day)!
our own personal fishing pier beyond the fire ring to the right

A fun way to end the day!
roasted marshmallows & sticky fingers

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