Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big Bend Day 4

We intended to stay at the park 2 nights when we first arrived, but enjoyed it so well, we stayed 4! This was our 1st relaxing campground time, meeting and visiting with neighbors. We encountered some helpful travelers, kind mentors, seasoned RVers, and adventuring explorers from all different states & Canadian provinces, ranging in age and occupations. This was a large expectation of our road trip to begin with....relating with people....and we have been blessed!

Today they had a couple of programs we wanted to check out. The 1st being at Boquillas Overlook where the ranger explained the history of the village; starting as a silver & lead mining town, it depends on tourism in more recent years. The class B border crossing was closed after 9/11, but they're hoping to reopen it soon (the deadline has been passed already a couple times) so visitors can be rowed across and buy chinquaderas in Mexico. 
More Mexicanos hanging around 
The children wanted to get in the water again, so we spent the afternoon at Hot Springs. Then took 5 minute showers at the store: 1 for the girls and 1 for the boys & baby.
rocks in the hot springs...such fascinating colors & textures

the drive to hot springs cuts through the range S, R, & C climbed over yesterday

the warning posted on our camp picnic table
After dark, the ampitheater program informed us about light pollution and how it negatively affects people & wildlife. Big Bend is the 2nd darkest National Park, next to Zion- which makes for beautiful stargazing! To wrap up the evening we observed Jupiter and 4 moons through a telescope.

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