Friday, March 29, 2013

A Day In Yuma

We wanted to catch the Farmer's Market downtown on Tuesday March 19. After a short version of a school day, we loaded in the van to check out Yuma, Arizona. The drive into town from our campsite took us past the fertile valley fields. Buses (pulling portable toilets) were parked on the side of the fields that had brought laborers, and many other worker's vehicles lined the sides of the road. 

harvesting carrots

irrigation running
harvesting cabbage
We strolled down the blocked off street to check out vendor's wares, mostly looking for fresh produce. There were dainty pretties, kitchen tools, shoe magnets, fried tacos & flavored popcorn. We purchased a huge stalk of celery and cabbage for $1 each. Strawberries, asparagus, and lemons were in abundance as well.

One of the refreshing fountains on Main St.
White tents (like in the upper left) shaded the items for sale down the blocked off street

a beautiful bougainvillea near the farmers market

Next we popped in the visitor's center. Then to Gateway Park for a picnic lunch and playground by the Colorado River. A nice paved walkway followed the water's edge, but we soon got too hot to go very far.
Letters on the side of the bridge say Ocean to Ocean Highway. The river is the state border between AZ and CA. Here was a beachy area for swimmers, and there were several!

We ate in the shaded shelter. Caroline & Cora ate under the slides on a child's picnic table.
Next stop was worship with Ron and Opal at Community Church. Our friends at Big Bend recommended their weekly singing of old time music. We thoroughly enjoyed the almost 2 hours of spiritual refreshment, and the AC! We were by far the youngest in attendance and the only children there as well;  but it was still fun!

We made a parts stop and grocery stop before heading back to the motor home. Along the way we asked a fellow if we could pick some fruit that was going to waste, rotting on the ground and in the trees. With limited communication, we settled on just gathering the groundfalls. Riley liked the oranges best, but they were too far gone to get many. Mostly lemons...huge, beautiful, scented zests...and some sweet yellow fleshed grapefruit. If we could only capture the smells of the flowering trees and delightful citrus...

Hot dogs and the rest of the marshmallows for supper.

and a few mosquito bites to scratch

That was our day! Filled with bigs and littles, and as always many blessings. 

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