Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big Bend Day 2

Finally back in internet service! Now to catch you up on our past week...
On Thursday morning, Feb.28, we peeked outside and saw 3 javelinas (in the wild pig family) grazing in a nearby campsite. (Caroline and Cora love chattering about the javelinas!) We set out to explore Boquillas Canyon, but 1st stopped at the overlook to see the small town perched atop the bank just across the Rio Grande.  More trinket souvenirs! 
2 nationals & their dog setting out their store

Across the river, the Mexicans relax & observe

Boquillas del Carmen village in the background

The Boquillas Canyon Trail was a short hike to a lovely spot. Shannon and Riley skipped rocks while the girls piled smooth stones for a bridge. Here you could be serenaded by a singing Mexican....for a donation.
This fellow on the right asked if we wanted a Christian song, then hollered across to his friend on the other side who was sitting on top of a boulder that bellowed "Gracias a Dios"

Lessons on skipping stones

Yay! Our stone bridge & island

Riley trucked up a sandy patch to explore a cave-like opening in the side of the canyon. 
You can barely see Riley about 1/2 way down the large sandy spot, on the  left near the rocks

On our way back to the campground was the trailhead to 3 paths. As we started out a man told us to stay on the dry riverbed about 2 miles until we entered a canyon. It was difficult to walk on the stones so on the return trip 3 small girls rode piggyback!

At the opening of the canyon

Chihuahuan Desert

With such a big morning, we opted for 2 meals plus popcorn and oranges (after sunset on the Rio Grande Nature Trail -again-!)

our campground in the top right corner


  1. You have some great pictures here! I never cared much for the landscape in those states, but I am seeing the beauty of it from your pictures. Many good ones, but the smooth rock one and the steps on are favs, plus the family pic! Dad and I like doing that kind of activity too! Seems like we are along for the ride with the blog. Much love, Mom xoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. We are definitely seeing different country, even within the same state. A couple days ago Caroline said she was tired of desert. The next day we were in Gila forest with streams and rivers and a change of vegetation!