Saturday, March 9, 2013

Big Bend Day 5

Most of the morning was spent stowing everything away and hooking up the van, preparing for travel. We exchanged goodbyes with our newfound friends and headed about 30 miles to another area of the vast park: Chisos Basin. At the visitor's center there was a nice paved walk to view the 'window' where water runs out of the basin. 
The 'window' is the v opening in the mountains.  They circle all around.

After a picnic lunch, we traveled the 3.6 mile round trip Window Trail. It was sunny, bright, and hot; but the smooth, glossy rocks at the window were impressively unique (even scary to this Momma as her children carefreely frolicked near the precipice)!
Starting toward the window

just starting into the water smoothed rock path and empty pools

Riley is at the drop-off. Caroline is preparing to slide down one of the  smooth stones ...
so so close to the  edge. The brown rock  in center picture is across the gorge. No guardrails or fences here!
Refreshed with a couple flavors of shared ice cream, and a short chat with our Italian Rio Grande Village neighbors, we exited Big Bend at sunset.


  1. Wish we were there! Many continued blessings and safety on your journey!
    The Phelps Family

    1. Thanks for your encouraging words! :)

  2. Your pictures of sun and wonderful, spectacular view are inviting! God is the Great Creator! So glad you're able to share His love with those you meet! Looking forward to seeing you!

    1. We have sang, "Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder.." a few times, and thought it sooo many more! We're looking forward to seeing oldtime comfortable friends too. :)