Friday, March 15, 2013

Brantley Lake State Park

Thursday March 7, 2013

Several miles north of Carlsbad, New Mexico, we found a primitive lakeside camping spot at Brantley Lake State Park.The children played along the water for several hours, experimenting, creating, wading, and eventually.... swimming! 
squishing sand into mud to build canal walls and dams

Shannon figuring out the charging system and fixing antifreeze leak ( notice RV hood up) 

Shannon fired up the generator so we could grind wheat to replenish our bread and tortilla supply. 

Caroline wanted to treat everyone to a snack with some gifted travel $. She started out with a bag of mixed Cheetos, Doritoes, & CheezIts, but we realized she could get 4 bags of Cheese Puffs for 1 of the other, so Puffs it was!

Lunch...first time to use the awning!

The little girls were excited to play on 2 different playground jungle gyms. Riley even liked the zip line slider. 

We all got timer showers here...had to push the button every 30 seconds to keep the water coming!

 Such a peaceful, quiet spot.

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