Saturday, April 20, 2013


Monday April 1st. The last day of Cockrell's Spring Break. Betsy fixed a hearty breakfast of farm fresh scrambled eggs, piles of pancakes, and sweet marionberry syrup. Scrumptious!
one side of the breakfast table
the other side
The girls entertained themselves well, playing with babies & dress up, then outside in the playhouses. They even made a muddy pool at the end of the slide...such imaginative minds!

Meg, the real dress up doll
In the afternoon Betsy gave horse lessons 101 and each of the  children took a turn riding. We missed a picture of Annie! She rode a little, then graduated inside to make pull apart rolls for dinner. That was much more interesting for her! Too bad we missed a picture of those -the joke of the day- using yeast from '07! They were yummy warm from the oven (even if a little heavy). It was lots of fun riding the Honda 50 dirt bike too! They have a beautiful place near the foothills...  a perfect setting for horses.

Doug came home from work and took a spin with the rest

Doug's mom came over to deliver Easter treats and stayed for dinner. Our 1st experience dipping steamed artichoke leaves in butter! We had a relaxing day re-aquainting with Betsy after 17 years, enjoying a day in her home, and meeting her family.

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  1. That looks like fun! whats wrong with sweet Caroline? Grandma xo