Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Parked for 2 Weeks

Our first day in Modesto, CA...woke up to the sound of rain. It may have drizzled one other time since we've left Kansas, so this was really a pleasant sound. I guess it was wet enough for this little snail to come out and be discovered.

That night we were included in the Art & Annette Bowman Family dinner at their home. It was fun to have a grandma Bowman next door to our RV spot. The children soon found her neat riding toys and candy drawer.

Emma, Caroline, Megan

Art, at the BBQ, with his 3 boys & Shannon

ladies inside waiting on the burgers

older kiddos at the kitchen table
Annie, Caroline, Megan, Riley, Andrew, Alex

delicious meal
I got a snapshot of our food, but not our hosts! Annette sent us back with a sackful each of grapefruits and oranges from their backyard citrus trees. More treats! We enjoyed a nice relaxing evening. Oh, and the homemade fresh strawberry ice cream... our children really chowed on that!

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