Friday, April 5, 2013

Senators Wash Reservoir

We had been parked at Mittry Lake a whole week! Shannon's set-up with solar panels is keeping things charged well, but we were out of fresh water. We moved north to Imperial Dam where the children could wade in the water just outside the motor home. That place had looked so inviting when we passed by on our afternoon drive! And some of us saw 3 wild burros come right up on the road! 

farewell to Mittry neighbor Tom

We stopped by the Christian Service Center. Shannon went to the Solar Shack, & I perused the thrift store. The children went searching for cookies from the 10:30 coffee break bell. This small community had such loving hearts. We were invited to lunch again, with another couple who are full time on the road. This time to the bowling alley on base. Preacherman instructed the children to get what they wanted, hence they made numerous trips to the soda fountain for refills.

Shannon dropped me and the little girls off at our RV so they could enjoy playing in the water while he went with the rest of the crew to Cloud Museum

Riley gearing up for a ride to the museum
more biking adventurers

An local farmer has been collecting old automobiles and farm equipment for 42 years. Some are original and some have been restored. Shannon was the photographer here while I was relaxing waterside watching Caroline bury Cora in the mud. No pictures to prove it, but they liked the mud better than the lake! All the children went swimming for awhile before supper.

mini mud castles
lemon pucker
2 couples parked beside us had radio control cars they were bombing around on the dirt, sand, and rocks...spinning out, flipping over, and cutting donuts. Unfortunately Riley was at the museum and missed the show.  After swimming, he went over to ask about them, and one man let him test drive! Guess what new hot item Riley is researching!

breakfast by the reservoir

good morning graham cake & grapefruit


  1. Yum..can we have a piece of that cake? Ok if not will you share the recipe? Many blessings!
    Phelps Family