Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Imperial Sand Dunes

border of AZ and CA
On our way out of Yuma we stocked up on groceries at a bent & dent, Green Trees, and fueled up with cheaper gas at Superfuels. Also hit the thrift stores again. We're thinking we really like this area of economical long term camping, frugal food & clothing, friendly folks, and beautiful weather! (However it was getting a bit toasty by the end of March.) 

Eventually we made it out of town a little ways, into California, to Imperial Sand Dunes. These are much larger than the White Sands dunes we enjoyed so much in New Mexico.

snapshot from the motor home

small issue trying to turn around in sand

phew, the get away tracks

We hadn't gotten a permit for the recreational area, so we drove to another exit at the edge of the dunes and let the children play.

Not too long after we arrived, another RV stopped. This was a family not out for leisure, but booking it through to visit family in south Texas. They had actually just crossed the border into the U.S. at Mexicali/Calexico as they are missionaries in Ensenada, Baja California. A tire had blown, so they exited quickly. Shannon loaned his tools and assisted in the tire change. I was with the girls enjoying this huge sandbox.

wind & sand...ouch to the eyes!

Caroline captured several beetles and made a daisy chain with white desert sand flowers. It's nice to hit these country spots occasionally where the children can freely pick and dissect to their hearts content without damaging government protected property. Because children are little explorers-adventurers-scientists, continually curious, and that's the best time to learn!

beetle bottle & flower chain


  1. The great outdoors is your school classroom and playground! Looks fun to jump in the sand! xoMamaw

  2. This is like a great, big field trip! :) I doubt there's a kid anywhere that wouldn't love it.

    Blessings on you all!