Monday, April 15, 2013

Truly Blessed

Do you ever feel like just when you are about to overflow with blessings from Father, he sneaks in one or two more? Maybe to further our awe of Him? What a sweet time to rejoice in God's creative abundance!

We started our day out, on March 28, driving to Calexico, thinking we might try to cross the border into Mexico on foot for a few hours. (Despite having no passports or birth certificates.) However, God had other plans including his bountiful blessings, for us in store! Shannon called the local experimental farm to see about touring and picking veggies in their growing fields. They had a small field trip group coming in 20 minutes that we could join, so we opted to check out their program that had been recommended to us from our friends early on in our trip in TX. Goodbye border crossing plans as we drove north to Holtville, CA.

We slipped in a bit late as the K-3rd classes & their parents were watching a film and munching popcorn. They introduced us to the Dudley Dewdrop song about water conservation. Each student made pipe cleaner bracelets with a bead for all things that make a seed grow. Mrs. Stephanie taught the food pyramid and the difference between fruit & vegetables. We all even got a salad cup to taste how yummy nutritious food can be! (The program director commented on Caroline licking her salad clean!) Annie remembered they showed how many teaspoons are in 1 can of soda=10!

fruit & vegetable song, shake your seeds to the rythm
Cora was a little intimidated!

the Faith Academy group (plus some)

Next, time to take a hayride to pick vegetables...leaf lettuce, brussel sprouts, daikon radish, and red beets! 
Mrs. Stephanie instructing how to pick brussel sprouts

Caroline's new friend
part of our bountiful pickings
We filled large orange gunny sacks with food (and they waived our family's per student field trip fee)! While still feeling humbled, the dad of one of the school children approached Shannon and offered to treat our family to lunch at his restaurant in the next town over. This was a steak and lobster establishment! One of his daughters waited on us as they lavishly fed us a fantastic dinner complete with fresh strawberry-lemonade & ice cream. Afterwards, we met the man's wife who had brought a backpack from home filled with toys and clothes for each of our children.  We are still amazing in God's love and such thoughtfulness from a family we barely had met. Creative blessings indeed!

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  1. Love your God moments :) Can't wait to hear about more of them :) Praying for you guys still to have a most wonderful trip :) ~ Betsy