Saturday, April 27, 2013

Del Puerto Canyon

On Sunday morning April 7 we were at Modesto district OGBBNC for services. Ephesians 2 was expositorily preached by Vince Tye. Shannon says an hour and a half was well spent on the first 4 verses. I was in and out some with Miss Meg and found more friends in the babyroom. 

Gina had a packed lunch all ready to take to Del Puerto Canyon...even enough for an extra family! We had a lovely drive up along the inside of the canyon. Well, the scenery was lovely...rolling green hills, cattle, beehives galore, vineyards, sparkling pebbled stream, blue sky...though we almost got hit by a motorcyclist who then overcorrected and came close to Eric's van behind us! 

Once at the picnic area we assembled pita sandwiches on a wall, as this spot was a popular place for families and the picnic tables were taken.

smiling chefs: Gina & Lori

waiting patiently

big girls & baby

lunchtime at last

our 'spot'

hospitable hosts: Garrett & Gina

We filled our tummies with sandwiches, chips, salad, fruit cups, and  cookies. Most of the children entertained themselves on the large playground set. Some opted for Calvin & Hobbes and throwing water bottles vast distances up & across.

The littlest girls stayed near the adults. And really loved each other!

unrestrained affection

mistress meg

grinning group

from the foothills back down to the San Juaquin Valley
The weather, friends, food, and frolicking was fantastic!

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