Thursday, April 4, 2013

Palm Sunday

Sunday March 24 found us attending church at The Christian Service Center near Imperial Dam. We had driven past it on an afternoon drive and thought it looked basic, yet inviting. Indeed we were warmly welcomed by the older generation gathering there. There were several special music selections and even a solo spiritual! The preacher expounded on Palm Sunday with a lot of biblical cultural insight. A blend of snowbirds, locals, and regulars, the people were very friendly to us and especially the children. In fact, the preacher even took us out to a waterside restaurant for lunch at Martinez Lake. For our large-ish family, what a tremendous blessing!
delighted with a rare yummy treat
food & fellowship
After eating, we watched the two step and line dancing going on inside. Some couples really added flair with turns and twirls and fancy stepping! We parted ways with our generous friends company, going several different directions. We checked out the small recreational area of Martinez Lake, then drove N on 95 to find an old gold mine they mentioned. We ventured out on a longer and bumpier ride than anticipated, and after 7 miles of gravel road, finally reached Castle Dome. Wandered around finding all kinds of shaft vents in the ground. On our way out we drove through the museum where the overseer gave us a brochure as he was shutting the gate behind us. Turns out it was a silver mine, not gold. Still a very interesting expedition, especially to Shannon!

Picking flowers...

....and kicking flowers!

These cute little cholla balls were too tempting not to take a foot swing at. Unfortunately they have very long spines that became stubbornly stuck, eventually only coming free with Shannon's handy pliers!

Castle Dome behind a blooming ocatillo

On the ride back we saw wild horses grazing along the roadside. Riley was anxious to take another boat ride on our camping neighbor's boat, and I got to enjoy a sunset glide!

running the motor

manning the oar

 Truly an adventurous day of rest!


  1. Haven't posted for awhile.. though still keeping up with ya'll. So glad for your adventure, sad we're not right beside you! By the way, when will you be rollin in our driveway anyway? We've been talking & looking forward to seeing you! love you all.

  2. Riley, you look like a pro in that boat. Caroline, cute smile with your missing tooth! Hey, Miss Annie, don't grow up too fast! Cora, Cora, the boys say, Halleluiah Cora! xoxo not annonymous! Do not know how to post otherwise. :) xoxoxGrandma