Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Matt & Anne's...by Annie

We did some of school in the morning and then in the afternoon Daddy & Riley dropped all us    ladies off at Anne Long's to spend the afternoon together while they went and toured the Exact Manufacturing Fab shop and a local RC Hobby shop. Riley went to baseball practice and stayed with Alex & Andrew while Shannon came back to Matt & Anne's for supper.

Sierra, their oldest daughter, had a tea party all set up for us girls. The menu included: cinnamon & sugar almonds, carrot slices  filled with peanut butter, and cupcakes with can whipped topping on top. There was Green Tea and Mint Tea. It was very fun and the tea set was dainty. Anne had little blue round boxes that you could decorate with clouds, a fluffy cross, a shiny sparkly heart, and an airplane. We had the tea party up in the air in a playhouse that Matt had built. 

fun baby toy rides

big girl, all by herself

tea delicacies

Sierra's new tea set

playhouse tea party
After the tea party we dressed up in their dress up clothes and played church. I was wearing a German Baptist member dress Anne had gotten at  'The Swap Shop'. Sierra and I enjoyed being mothers and taking our babies out when they cried. 

delightful dress-up 
We had a yummy dinner with Matt & Anne Long, Thomas & Michelle Bauman, and Tyler Lynch. It included: hamburgers, nacho and potato chips, asparagus, and strawberry shortcake for dessert. After dinner all of us children played outside on blankets. It was a really fun evening for everyone!

BBQ CA style

dessert servers: Anne, Sierra, Annie

so scrumptious

cousins: Tyler and Shannon

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