Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bowman BBQ

Friday April 5
Caroline went with Megan to school today. Shannon & Riley, Garrett & twins had a Flory Industries tour. I went with Gina to BHS to pick up the girls, then it was time to get ready for another BBQ! Gina had Annie mix up some chocolate chip cookies. Then since Annie has been exchanging recipes with her pen pals and had a new one to try from cousin Kate, Strawberry Cupcakes, she baked those as well. (Grandma Annette to the rescue with a box of jello!) 
our aspiring baker with her finished product

all set up for the evening

outdoor playhouse

inside the playhouse

check out the pocket stash :)

more backyard fun

strawhat serving table
(menu swap since we'd had hamburgers the previous night)

girl table

boy table

My plate. Oops, no room for jello salad!

The Moms (plus a few extras)
Gina, Mary, Heather, Jenny, Anne
More homemade ice cream too! Mint Chocolate Chip this time. It was so fun reconnecting after 11 years with old friends and meeting their little people. Garrett's place was perfect for lots of children to run and play...Kick The Can, baseball, etc. A night of delight!

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