Thursday, April 4, 2013

Afternoon Drive

Saturday, March 23, we piled in the van to explore some other Bureau of Land Management areas to possibly move the motor home to. Driving north along the Colorado River we came to Imperial Dam.

Senators Wash

Squaw Lake

We circled around by the U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground, where the military tests various equipment. 

entrance to the base area

retired military tanks

On down the road there was a quaint little itty bitty church house beside a lush green field. Our family filled about 30% of its capacity! Caroline started singing Amazing Grace and we all chimed in. 

Then we came upon a produce stand/restaurant From the Farm. It was closed for a private party, but we snapped a couple pictures of some of their growing fields.

Enjoyed another campfire evening. This time telling childhood stories and building our own big tale, each person adding their creative section. 2 little girls got carried inside, after falling asleep watching the flickering fire.

Ahhh, relaxing, interacting, precious family time!

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