Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Aaron & Nicole's

Saturday morning, April 13, we went to the Brethren Heritage School Fundraising Auction. Annie had spent the night with her new friend and we met them there. Her 1st slumber party! One of the girls is a daughter of my friend who I shared many Ohio slumber parties with almost 20 years ago! They had a full schedule of bike riding, fixing pizzas, a church singing, making breakfast waffles, then the school auction.

Saturday afternoon we checked out Trader Joe's for the 1st time. We didn't need much since everyone has been so generous in feeding us well, but did pick up some honey, pita breads, organic whole wheat pasta, and sweet chili sauce.

Saturday evening we had another getting-to-know-your-spouse-and-family hospitality meal. Aaron and Nicole (and their 2 boys + baby) were great hosts. It was neat having one on one conversation; we all really enjoyed their sweet family!

colorful fruit & veggies

children dining outside

delicious barbequed chicken  *   lovely table setting

Nicole, Reagan, Aaron, Andrew, minus sleeping Bennett

young folk gals turned homemakers :)

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